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Frilly, Cute and Sugar Coated

Oh my!

Lovely Cute And Glittery
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Spawn of Baby_Deer
To avoid confusion, this is the spawn of our Sacred Mother baby_deer (may she rest in peace).


This is a community for posting pictures
of cute, girly and adorable stuff.

Mostly clothes, art, craft, etc related. Oh and we're all about baby deer if that wasn't obvious. Actually, any baby thing.

But other things are welcome too!

General Rules (oh yes we have them):
Post pretty pretty pictures and links in relations to cute fashion, cute people, pupe snapshots, cute rooms, overly sweet and adorable polyvore sets,pink, frilly, hearts, lace, dolls, art, tea cups uh, and some other random things. No brainer, right?

Oh, and a long with your post you could share with us your name and a MINI bio of you so we can be tight-knit.

No hello kitty, scene related stuff unless its especially pink and frilly. Please. Keep it tasteful though.. if you know what I'm sayin'.

Please to be remembering to post your advertisement or community promotion here: http://community.livejournal.com/babydeeer/9462.html

Spell properly. Have good grammar. No typing OMG lYkE tHiS.

No bad words and no meanies. Have good manners and be especially lady-like!

Oh yeah, you don't have to use a lame LJ cut if you don't want to. Don't ask anybody to put anything under a cut, if you don't like the pictures, you don't have to look at them and be apart of this community!

Examples of what we like A LOT is:


Oh yeah, I'm unicornsaint {previously lacygamine and glittersaint} and I pwn this community. Please feel free to bother me at my personal journal for complaints! Smooches. ♥

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